About Me

Hello, my name is Mick Vickroy. I believe that a clear understanding of the practices and techniques of language arts is the most important component of developing strong learning strategies within our students. It is my opinion that a student who learns to communicate clearly and effectively, who can recognize and use the subtle nuances of language, and who practices organizing information productively will greatly increase his or her chances of future success in all areas of study and life.

My teaching techniques focus largely on the ideas of frequent practice and making connections outside of my classroom. In their writings, I encourage students to connect to and explore other subjects they are studying or are just plain interested in. I support students who want to combine a writing assignment with assignments from other classes, believing that the connections made will be invaluable not only to their language arts studies, but to any course of study they undertake. Also, when students are able to combine assignments, it lightens the load of research and homework that can leave students feeling overwhelmed.

I am interested in students' overall education, and want to give them every opportunity for success. As a former network support technician, I come from a technical background and I always try to use the latest available technology in a way that will benefit my students during their high-school experience. I encourage students to use the Internet
to contact others, worldwide, in their research for papers. I urge them to collaborate and cooperate with other students in other schools on various assignments. All internet usage is monitored and all measures are always taken to provide for the safety of the students while accessing Internet resources.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my beliefs on the education of our students. Learning is a never-ending process, and just as our children will continue to learn and develop, I will also, so check back from time to time and I may have something new and exciting to talk about incorporating into my strategy base. Thanks again, and keep the wheels spinning.

Mick Vickroy



Educational Philosophy