Educational Websites

  • OWL stands for Online Writing Lab. This OWL at Perdue University is one of the most complete and most useful writing resources on the web. Many questions from how to format a document to meet MLA requirements to how to use the active voice are addressed at this site.

  • This site has examples of thousands of words that writers often get confused about using. A good reference site for when a writer isn't quite sure about a word they are using.

  • The Free Online Rhyming Dictionary is a useful tool for someone writing a poem and is having trouble finding just the right word to fit into their rhyme scheme.

  • This online magazine has articles and resources to help anyone become a better writer and even get published.

  • Ever wonder where the expression "Shiver me timbers" came from? This website has the history and origins on this and thousands more words and phrases.

  • This is an easy-to-use online punctuation guide. Don't be surprised if this site is referenced in an assignment or two.

  • Entitled "Getting an A on an English Paper." This is helpful, recommended reading for my students as it is basically what I will be teaching all year.

  • "The Eleven Rules of Writing" is a helpful little article for students wanting to improve their writing.

  • Poets and Writers Magazine. An excellent resource for any writer.

  • A portal containing links and access to articles about all things creative - art, music, and of course, writing. A good site for someone trying to come up with a story idea or anything to write about, really.