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Why You Should Hire Me

Education has been at the top of my list of priorities. Throughout my out student experience, I always made sure that I was doing more than just handing in what needed to be done - I connected with what was being taught. Not all students do that. Many of my peers in school just wanted to get through the work and be done with it, not really caring about the grades they received. I noticed that this often led to them struggling through assignments, not understanding material, and harboring a frustration that made their educational experience next to miserable. Even during my high-school years, I wanted to help those students to connect with what they were learning rather than just muddle through. I often found myself helping other students with subjects I was not even an expert at. Even then, I felt that the most important part of learning is getting information, organizing that information, and connecting to that information.

This belief has been with me through two college programs and multiple corporate positions. Finally, realized that the best use of my beliefs and skills was in the education system. My early interest and strong aptitude in Language Arts has made it possible for me to connect with many other fields of study, an art that I believe would generously improve students' learning abilities throughout their school experience. I believe all students are capable of this talent, regardless of consequence, background, or innate ability.