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Rules and Policies

Class Rules

These are the rules that I have developed for my classroom. They are supplemental to the schools rules and code of conduct, which will always supersede any of my rules if there is ever a conflict. I leave them slightly vague on purpose because each individual and class will interpret and apply them differently, however, I will exercise discipline for blatant breaking of these rules. Also, I keep the rules as positive as possible rather than a list of "Do Not's," but frequent mischief will be grounds for me to change that.

1. Relax. Whatever it is, it can't be worth losing your composure, disrupting class, or becoming disrespectful.
2. Respect the classroom. Take care not to meaninglessly interfere with our learning environment.
3. Be polite. Be mindful of your words and actions and ensure that they are not meant to spite anyone.
4. Exercise Maturity. As young adults, you are expected to act appropriately.

Classroom Policies

It is important that students be aware of and follow my classroom policies. I try to keep the number of thing I do not allow to a minimum so as to maintain a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but repeated violations of my policies will cause that list to grow. I prefer not to have a bunch of strictly enforced rules. High school students should be able to maintain a level of maturity that is appropriate for an effective learning environment.

Personal Electronics
Electronic devices (such as cell phones, handheld games, MP3 players, and other personal media devices) should be silent and put away. I understand that there will be times that a phone may need to be available or heard and these situations should be brought to me beforehand. On no occasion should I see a student playing games, texting, or otherwise using one of these devices, unless I have given express permission that it is okay to do so. Students violating this policy will forfeit their electronic device for the remainder of the class period.

Eating and Drinking
Generally, I do not mind students bringing a snack to class as long as it is not messy, in a noisy container, or in some other way disruptive to myself or another member of the class. Frequent spills and leftover messes will cause this policy to change, so it is advised that liquids be kept in bottles or other non-spill container and all food messes be cleaned up immediately.